Editorial MQR seeks to spread scientific knowledge in multidisciplinary fields; freely and free of charge to the entire society; collaboratively, in indexed journals and external peer-reviewed e-books.

Knowledge constitutes a good of public interest. It can be freely and universally accessed. It will have no restrictions beyond those established by Ecuadorian legislation and international treaties. Access to knowledge will be carried out in a fair, equitable and democratic manner.


Lines of investigation


The editorial production underlines the needs for multidisciplinary knowledge that motivate new discussions in the scientific field. And it is sought that these academic works have a high impact and that they open contemporary theoretical and methodological debates.




Ethics in editorial processes seek the preservation of intellectual production rights and their applications must be rational, fair and pluralistic.




All publications will be developed within a framework of equal opportunities, coordination, transparency, quality and results.



Open access publication for the scientific community

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